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Image by Gianpaolo Antonucci


gateway to the amalfi coast

Salerno is one of those "hidden" destinations in the sense that its visited by millions of people every year, but I'm not entirely sure how many people know they're in Salerno.

Let me explain.

Salerno is known as "the gateway to the Amalfi Coast". Which means, people arrive from Naples, or even Rome, to the train station, and start looking for the bus that will take them to one of the towns along the Amalfi Coast. Or, for the more intrepid travelers, they can take the bus all the way to Sorrento, enjoying a much more beautiful journey rather than the Circumvesuviana from Naples.

Salerno is known for much more than its fortunate placement. It was once home to the most prestigious and well-known medical universities in the world, Schola Medica Salernitana. While the school no longer exists, you can still visit Minerva's Garden,  botanical garden created in part to provide the therapeutic plants used for the students and teachers of the University.

Salerno also boasts a beautiful boardwalk, a handful of scattered beaches, fresh seafood, great pizza, and a gorgeous old town that will feel reminiscent of Naples's old town with a fraction of the confusion.

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