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living in italy

Living in Italy shouldn't have to just be a dream—but a probability

Two years ago, at the very end of 2019, Darcy and I made the full-time move to Italy—just in the nick of time! We spent five years before that coming to Italy for a few months at a time, trying to make it work out, but never quite sure how to do it. Just like back home (in the States), moving anywhere outside of a hometown for no reason (college, job offer, family), can be difficult.

So, how did we make it work?

Well, I don't want to spoil the articles below, but it was a combination of a mountain of luck, good timing, and tons of mistakes. Mistakes we're hoping to help you avoid!

Below you will find information of all kinds on how to live in Italy, especially how to live in Italy as an American, such as how to find a house to rent (or buy!), how to apply for residency, how to apply for Italian citizenship, and so much more!

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