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About Us

Traveling. For The Better.

We started a podcast a few months ago that has very small but dedicated listener-ship, and we wanted to expand that information to a blog form as well.

Especially for topics that can’t fit into a podcast such as Restaurant Recommendations, Food Reviews, Gear Reviews, Updates on prices/times, and more in-depth looks into neighborhoods, cities, transportation, ways to become a resident or citizen, and events off the beaten path. Especially free ones.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like us to cover something specific, please reach out!

who we are


darcy melton

Darcy Melton is an oil painter who splits her time between Savannah, GA and Italy. She is the Co-Founder and Art Editor of Pigeon Review as well as co-host of the travel podcast Only a Bag.The 2021 recipient of Bonfire’s Best Design Empowering Women Award, Melton's work has been shown in galleries including the Jepson Center, Savannah, GA, Las Laguna Art Gallery, and Milostka Center for Exhibitions, among others.

nathaniel mellor

Nathaniel Mellor is a freelance editor and beta reader who splits his time between Savannah, Ga and Italy. He's also a published short story author. A Co-Founder of Pigeon Review, Nathaniel serves as the Fiction Editor. He's also the co-host of the Only A Bag podcast and the primary writer on the Only A Bag blog. So if you disagree with anything you're reading, there's a good chance he was the one who wrote it.

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