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A view of Florence from above, with the Duomo in the foreground.


home of the renaissance

Perhaps the most famous city in Italy (yes, I realize Rome is also on that list) Florence is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, the home to some of the greatest artists of the time, and perhaps, some of the greatest artists ever known.

The Duomo dominates the skyline. Tourists crowd the street. The Uffizi is home to works of art we collectively refer to as "some of the greatest works of art in existence". Leather working has a storied past and still, to this day, there are well-known and historic schools. Home to one of Italy's oldest art supply stores. What else could be said about such a storied and well-documented city?

Well, that this city is also credited with creating gelato, being famous for its use of schiacciata in sandwiches, and finding a use for the cow's fourth stomach in the form of lampredotto.

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