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A narrow street in Naples.

older than the eternal city

There's so much I could put here that, frankly, it's ridiculous. So, I'll try to boil it down as much as possible.

First, Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Earth. Which means, it can be a very dirty city. Very dirty.

Second, up until 1861 (and a very bloody war) Naples was it's own country. Or, at least, the capital of the Kingdom of Naples. Which means, there's a different language that still thrives today (Napolitano or Neapolitan) and isn't similar to Italian at all.

Third, it's dirty.

Fourth, I am willing to bet that there is nowhere in Italy that is like Naples, and there will be no city where you can get a better experience of the "real Italian" experience than in Naples. Why? Because, by and large, no one cares that you're there. It's beautiful and liberating, all at the same time.

So, how you do get there? How do you get around when you're there? And more importantly, where can I find the best pizza?

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