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Our Favorite House Sitting Websites

Updated: May 30

Ranked in no particular order (we love them all!)


This article might make use of affiliate links. By clicking an affiliate link and purchasing the product or service it links you to, you are supporting this website with a small cut of said company's profit.


A stone country house in Italy.
Italian country home?

During the past few years, we've used a number of different house sitting websites, trying to find the "best one." Unfortunately, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all house sitting website for either the sitter or homeowner. It’s all about finding what works for you, whether it location, perks, or some other criteria.

I find that sitters have the easier choice. All they have to do is pick a website based on where they want to go. Once they've decided this, looking for the best website becomes a whole lot easier.

Some of these house sitting websites will cost a few hundred dollars a year to use, and one costs as little as $20 a year. When my partner and I first signed up for some of these websites, we were incredibly skeptical at the prospect of paying so much money for a year’s subscription. Then we realized that most hotels cost $100-$150 a night, and spending two nights’ worth on a few different subscriptions is a great deal in the end.

A view of the Castel Sant'Angelo and bridge in Rome.
Or something along the Tiber in Rome?


Trusted Housesitters

Perhaps the best house sitting website to use when they’re looking for a sit anywhere in the world (rather than a specific country) is Trusted Housesitters.

Although they’ve only been in the game since 2010, they have a wide variety of house sits available and boast one of the largest user populations for both owners and sitters.

Currently, Trusted Housesitters offers 3 different plans.

Basic $129 — Basically, you get to make an account, send messages, and organize sits. (This is the one we use.)

Standard $169 — The same as above with a few extra perks. Instant alerts for any of your saved searches, dedicated member support, liability protection (if the pet you’re taking care of causes an accident and it’s your fault, they have you covered), and perhaps the most interesting, 24/7 phone and video access to a veterinarian (while pet sitting). Although I’ve never used this last benefit, my partner and I have been in a situation twice where we need quick access to a vet and this would have saved us the middle-of-the-night drive and panic attack. (Both times were false alarms.)

Premium $259 — The same as above, but with the “Premium” package you will receive 2 global airport lounge passes and sit cancellation insurance. As someone who does worry about every little detail, the idea of “cancellation insurance” is amazing. I always wonder if we’re going to show up somewhere and the homeowner will suddenly no longer need our services, or decide last minute to board their pets. With insurance that covers us for $150 a night, up to 10 nights, I think I wouldn’t worry so much. However, I’m not so sure how useful the global passes are. They seem a bit gimmicky, but if you only complete one house sit a year, then they can be a fun little treat.

For owners, the price is roughly the same per year, though it comes with things like a “money back guarantee” and “Home & Contents Protection.”

Note: One of the main reasons you will see Trusted Housesitters on everyone’s “House Sitting Websites” list is due to their generous affiliate program. This can make it hard to trust whether or not you’re getting an honest review, especially with such a high price tag. Truth be told, my partner and I signed up for the basic version a few years ago and recently renewed it while searching for another sit, but we have only completed one (1) actual sit through Trusted Housesitters. However, we’ve been back every year to take care of the same cat, three years in a row, for an owner we found on Trusted Housesitters. It’s $119 incredibly well-spent for us, but this is obviously not the case for everyone.

Mind My House

Mind My House is a smaller website that usually only has a few hundred active sits at any given time. (Sometimes it will plummet to a few dozen.)

Although it was started in London, it has a heavy US/EU population. While Australia has some sits available on this website, this isn’t an Australia-centric website like some of the ones I will mention later, so you might not find too many.

Mind My House has been our go-to for its price of $20 a year. This allows you to sign up and message any of the homeowners.

Unless I’m mistaken, Mind My House still doesn’t have an “identity check” requirement like Trusted Housesitters, for example. So you might run into a few scammers here and there, but I haven’t personally found any. Although we’ve never actually completed a sit through Mind My House, we have exchanged messages with a number of homeowners who were warm and receptive, but were either looking for backup sitters already in country, or had their own plans fall through.

We’ve also found that Mind My House seems to collect house sits in a number of the unique house sit locations, like an island off Belize or a small collection of scattered rooms in Kenya.

For owners, you can join for free!



While Nomador was technically launched in Sydney, Australia, it’s actually a French website with French-heavy users.

If you’re planning on spending a week in Paris, Nomador is definitely the house sitting website I would check first.

A photo of an apartment building in Paris.
More than a dream on Nomador.

They have two different pricing options.

Free — This allows you to make an account, message homeowners, and receive their messages. I believe you are limited in the number of people you can message/house sits you can apply for with this option. And if a house sit is “reserved for members only” then you can’t apply for that, of course.

$99 A Year — This allows you to apply to any house sits, bookmark and save house sits, and provide multiple documents for identity verification (which means more homeowners will trust you). If you don’t like the idea of spending $99 all at once, Nomador gives you the option of paying $42 for a quarter of a year.

For owners, the pricing system is the same, but the benefits of the paid version are posting more than one house sit, or contacting the house sitters directly (rather than through Nomador’s messaging service).

My partner and I have used Nomador successfully, and we enjoy their system of badges that allow homeowners to get an easy “read” on who you are.


House Sitters UK will always have a soft spot in my heart because they were the first website we used. While we were staying in Italy, our visas about to run out, and desperately looking for a house sit, someone reached out to us through House Sitters UK to see if we were available for a two-month house sit in Edinburgh. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity.

Just as the name suggests, House Sitters UK is only good for finding a house sit in the United Kingdom (which means you also won’t find sits for Ireland posted here). However, I have found that there are always a plethora of sits posted at any given time.

Although House Sitters UK is small in its scope, they are only £29 for the year, which is a great deal for anyone looking to get their feet wet in the house sitting world.

For homeowners who would like to place an ad, however, it’s totally free.

United States


In all honesty, the best house sitting website for the United States is a toss-up between House Sitters America and Trusted Housesitters. I want to offer an option that isn’t Trusted Housesitters for two reasons:

  1. If you’re only looking for North America, using a more location-specific website like House Sitters America is a great way to find a house sit. Trusted Housesitters charges more because they offer a worldwide selection.

  2. House Sitters America is $49 a year, as opposed to Trusted Housesitters’ minimum of $119 a year.

Just like House Sitters UK, if you’re looking to test out house sitting, try it out in a town or city that you’ve always wanted to visit, then House Sitters US can be a great option.

Especially if you’re already in the US and you have a car, since many of the sits I’ve seen aren’t necessarily in places with amazing public transportation.


There are many more house sitting websites out in the world, and more seem to be added every year. However, these few are our current favorites based on prices, availability of sits, and locations offered.

In this article, I mention that the easiest way to get that first house sit is to find one locally. And these websites can help you narrow down that search to your city, or a city you can easily reach!



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